Thursday, January 04, 2007

Canada's Capital Knitters

I surfed around and could not find one. A webring for knitters in Ottawa. So, I thought I'd start one, after all, Toronto's got - what? - four of them?
I'll set this up through Ringsurf and hopefully, some of you will find this page. I may add little tidbits to the page, knitterly events, happenings and such, that is of interest to us here, and if you wish to contribute to that, please feel free.

I'm hoping that, through this page, we can find out more about the knit "Scene" in Ottawa. IS there a knit scene in Ottawa? :) I know I KIP all the time, but I haven't seen YOU out there yet!

Grab a button, grab the code and lets see if there are some Chicks With Sticks and Men With Balls in Canada's Capital! (You can see it was killing me to not title this post "Knitting in the Knation's Kapital", can't you.)

Buttons for you, save to your own server, please. Join by clicking "Join" in the Ringsurf code.

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Edited to add: I may not need to say this, but there is no social interaction expected or required to participate in the ring.

afghans for Afghans

Thanks Anita for bringing this to our attention. Click here for the link to the flyer with more information about how to participate in this very worthy cause. Be sure to drop by Anita's blog at: findingfortygatheringknitting, for updates on how things are going!


sienna said...

Wonderful!! I've got a few local bloggers in my circle...I'll definitely pass this along!

Leanne said...

Great idea! I've joined the web ring, and will mention it on my blog as well. As for the Ottawa knit scene, there is an Ottawa Knitting Yahoo group ( and are regular knitting get-togethers are various Bridgehead cafes (you can get details at the yahoo group). As well, there are quite a few Ottawa knit bloggers - I have a list on my blog. And I've now added you to it!

Miss Twiss said...

Thanks for getting this organized. I had no idea how it worked. You are a genius! I found you through, she's mentioned in the Kitchissippi Times this month!

Anonymous said...

Hello all - I work at the Carlingwood Library here in Ottawa, and we're having 2 terrific workshops for knitters and craft lovers alike!
One workshop is called Knitting Yarns:


Jacqueline Bieler follows the trail of yarn in her knitting adventures over the years. Share your own tales, samples,& tips.
o Thursday, May. 03, 2007 7 p.m. (1.5 hr.)

The other is called Crafty Mysteries:


Missy Hillman, former OPL librarian, reveals the world of candlemaker sleuths & investigative needlepointers.
o Monday, Apr. 30, 2007 at 7 p.m.

We'd love to see you there!